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Living Life to Its Fullest Potential
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  • 10/09/16--23:30: National Night Out 2016
  • Last Tuesday was National Night Out. I remembered seeing a flyer about it when I went to pay the water bill last month. Naturally, though, life of being a mommy, wife, teacher, and everything else us women are supposed to be I had forgotten about it. Thankfully I got a reminder as we drove past [...]

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  • 10/11/16--23:30: Houndstooth Coffee
  • One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to spend some time with my blogger friends. They get me in ways that most people do not. Naturally, to feed our curious souls we had to try out a new coffee place. Anyone who knows the coffee scene in Austin has heard of Houndstooth. [...]

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  • 10/15/16--07:50: TV Show Mansion
  • Deep in the Valley… Of Waxahachie, Texas lies a house that one has seen before. In a television show a long, long time ago. One more clue? It’s Halloween(ish) related.   If you can name that show you get five extra bonus points. 😉 I will post tomorrow with the answer!

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  • 10/16/16--23:30: Stonedeck Pizza
  • Hubs told me last spring that we needed to check out Stonedeck Pizza’s lunch buffet while the girls were at their grandparents over the summer. I agreed since I knew that once a week I would be able to get away from life at least for a few hours. Yet, as life is always happening, [...]

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  • 10/20/16--23:30: BlogHer Food 2016: Friday
  • I really wasn’t sure how I was going to navigate my story line with BlogHer Food this year. As I went through my pictures it just made sense to do Friday and then Saturday. Yet, there was a whole other category I wanted to address… the vendors! They help make the event even more fun! [...]

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  • 10/24/16--23:30: BlogHer Food Day 2
  • The night before, after we had left from seeing the bats and were headed back to the hotel, I got a text from my friend in Dallas whom I met after BlogHer in New York. The text said, “Good news is I’m in Austin, bad news is I forgot my wallet.” I was super excited, [...]

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  • 11/13/16--22:30: Memphis Lights at the Zoo
  • I’ve been waiting to write this post since December 27th last year. It’s October 29th. Way to procrastinate, Tiffany! Obviously I will not remember this the way I did ten months ago. I do remember how extremely warm it was and everyone of us were a little concerned… then we got the texts. Three or [...]

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  • 11/20/16--22:30: Halloween 2016
  • Seeing as it is only a few days before Thanksgiving and I never even talked about Halloween… Well, there is no time like the present, right? We had a fun day at school, watching Hocus Pocus and preparing for/relaxing after our lunch party. The lunch party was filled with cool things like a watermelon brain [...]

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  • 06/28/17--04:41: Twisted Root Burger- Waco
  • I had seen the quirky sign several times on our way to “chill” and do whatever in Waco or Austin. And yet, this burger joint was still not on my radar. I wanted to go there one day but this time, Magnolia Markets was on my mind. Hey- Chip and Joanna are cool, and don’t [...]

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    I am fairly certain I have spend more time in hotel rooms in the past six weeks than I have in the past three years and believe me, there is no complaining. I LOVE traveling (hence, the name of the blog). The weekend before the 4th of July, the hubs and I went on a [...]

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  • 01/03/18--09:04: Overflow Coffee in Hillsboro
  • One of the things I absolutely love is going to coffee shops. I probably spend way too much money on coffee. And you know what? I don’t care. Some people smoke, some people purchase alcohol more than they need. Hey, we all have our vices. At least mine is going somewhere local and supporting our [...]

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  • 02/24/18--00:30: We’re Going to VidCon!!!
  • I just had to shake my head. In 2011 all I wanted to do was go to Blogher Conference. I spent hours at the tanning salon I worked at daydreaming about going. In 2015, I went to the one in New York City and it changed my life. In 2016, I went to BlogHer Food [...]

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  • 03/07/18--22:30: Rolled Ice Cream
  • Nevaeh, the oldest girl, has been asking me for a while to take her to get rolled ice cream. After ice skating lessons last night we finally went. The ice cream was very creamy and, to be honest, not to my liking. I guess I am a bit stuck up after my first rolled ice [...]

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    This is probably my first time talking about this but for some reason hubs and I cannot get it off our mind. Our youngest girl is inching up to Junior High. This is a sad day for momma. Until Nevaeh was a year old, I wished for things to speed up. By her first birthday [...]

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  • 03/20/18--09:04: The Grind Mac N Cheese
  • I have to make sure to put mac n cheese because I have a coffeeshop review coming up called the Grind as well. When we went to mom’s last week the one place I wanted to try was the Grind. They had crazy looking milkshakes and fresh burgers. What’s not to love? If you saw [...]